Humanitarian Efforts

group photo haitiAt Cary Healthcare Associates, meeting the healthcare needs of our patients in the surrounding communities is one of our passions. Some of our providers have also had the privilege of taking this passion outside of the US to serve in other countries. Candace Chitsaz, FNP and Tina Lagrotteria were blessed with an opportunity to serve others in Haiti on a medical missions trip in 2014. While there, they were able to participate in a life changing experience traveling throughout the Haiti provinces in a medical mobile clinic treating various medical problems from malnutrition to a host of other diseases and illnesses. One of the highlights of this trip was getting to visit a few of the local orphanages around the Port au Prince region of Haiti and loving on some of the children that captured their hearts with their songs and welcoming hugs.
Dr Hamad Humanitarian
Dr. Hamad has been involved in several humanitarian missions over the years. He has a great passion for helping others in their time of need especially in time of war or human disaster.

Dr. Hamad has made numerous trips to the Syrian Turkish borders where he was engaged in helping the wounded and sick in field hospitals, refugee camps and orphanages. In exchange for his humanitarian efforts to the people, he was showered with hugs and smiles from the sweet children, and words of gratitude from the refugees who thought they were forgotten. Dr. Hamad also has been instrumental in fundraising activities such as a photography art exhibit that took place in Raleigh, NC and Gaziantep, Turkey. The money he has raised has gone to the American Cancer Foundation as well as the Syrian children.