pediatrics careCary Healthcare Associates, PA provides medical care to infant, children, adolescents. Besides providing routine health care, well child visits are important because they are effective in helping prevent and detect illnesses and problems before symptoms occur.

Regular pediatric well child visits are intended specifically for children from birth through their teen years. This is a period of rapid growth and change and is the best times to address conditions that can affect there long term overall health and development.

An Important Time For You And Your Child

Well child visits focus on helping to maintain your child's health by monitoring a number of important areas to help assure their health and to identify conditions which may not openly manifest themselves. Important aspects of these visits include:

  • An evaluation of your child’s growth and development
  • A discussion of safety, nutrition, fitness, behavior, school, peer interaction, day-to-day family life, etc.
  • Addressing attention or learning challenges
  • A complete physical examination
  • Recording your child’s height, weight, and other important information
  • Assessing body mass index for identifying and preventing obesity
  • Developmental screenings, if appropriate
  • Diseases currently "going around" that may affect your child
  • Age-appropriate screening tests (including hearing, vision. hemoglobin, etc.)
  • Age appropriate immunizations
  • An opportunity to ask questions

Well Visit Examination Schedule

The frequency of well child visits is generally determined by your healthcare provider. As mentioned previously, the frequency of visits is intended to make sure your child is developing properly.

2-4 days after baby is home

2 weeks

2 months

4 months

6 months

9 months

12 months

15 months
18 months

2 years

3 years

4 years

5 years

6 years

7 years

8 years

9 years

10 years

11 years

12 years
13 years

14 years

15 years

16 years

17 years

18 years


The medical professionals at Cary Healthcare Associates firmly believe in the importance of administering vaccines to prevent serious illness and even death. For your children's health and safety, we follow the CDC guidelines or Dr. Sears alternative vaccination schedule. Due to our commitment to protect all patients in our practice, we do not deviate from these schedules and we do not accept children for well child visits who do not receive vaccines.

Cary Healthcare Associates, PA Vaccine Schedule, CDC Recommended

BirthHepatitis B #1
1 MonthHepatitis B #2
2 MonthsDTap, Hib, PVC, Polio, Rotavirus #1
4 MonthsDTap, Hib, PVC, Polio, Rotavirus #2
6 MonthsDTap, PVC, Polio, Rotavirus #1
9 MonthsHepatitis B #3
12 MonthsMMR, Varicella, Hepatitis A #1
15 MonthsDTap #4, Hib #3, PCV #4
18 MonthsHepatitis A #2
4-6 YearsDTap #5, Polio #4, MMR #2, Varicella #2

Dr. Sears Alternative Vaccine Schedule

2 MonthsDTaP, Rotavirus #1
3 MonthsPCV, Hib #1
4 MonthsDTaP, Rotavirus #2
5 MonthsPCV, Hib #2
6 MonthsDTaP, Rotavirus #3
7 MonthsPCV #3
9 MonthsPolio #1
12 MonthsMMR #1, Polio #2
15 MonthsPCV #4, Hib #3
18 MonthsDTaP #4, Varicella, #1
2 YearsPolio #3
2.5 YearsHepatitis B, Hepatitis A #1
3 YearsHepatitis B #2
3.5 YearsHepatitis B #3, Hepatitis A #2
4 YearsDTap, #5, Polio #4
5 YearsMMR #2
6 YearsVaricella #2